Artifacts are great antiquities, marvelous buildings, ruins, and other objects from
lost civilizations of the past. The civ that discovers an artifact will reap a huge
Discovering an Artifact
A civ "discovers" an artifact when it moves a unit into the artifact's space.
Artifact List
Angkor Wa t
The civ that discovers Angkor Wat will instantly have a Wonder constructed in one of their cities.
Ark of the Covenant
The discovery of the Ark immediately causes temples to be constructed in all of your cities. If a city already possesses a temple, the city gains a cathedral instead.
Knights Templar
The discoverer of the Knights Templar will gain an immensely powerful military unit.
Lost City of Atlantis
Discovering the site of the lost city of Atlantis immediately grants a civ knowledge of several new technologies.
School of Confucius
Within the School of Confucius can be found several great people awaiting discovery.
Seven Cities of Gold
This relic provides an immediate and hefty boost to the discoverer's treasury.
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