This provides a quick overview of the controls for Sid Meier's CivilizationRevolution for iPhone. It's mostly useful for players who have already playedCivRev on other systems.
More detailed instructions can be found elsewhere inthe manual.
1. Menu Selection
2. Scroll Down Arrow
3. Back

This is a typical CivRev iPhone menu. It displays five choices. Tap on the entry
you wish to choose. The "Scroll Down Arrow" means that there are more entries
available; slide the menu up to see the additional choices
Press the red arrow button to return to the previous screen without making a
menu choice.

The Map

1. System Button
2. Advisors Button
3. Go to Active Unit Button
4. Open Nearest City Screen Button
Moving Around the Map
Drag your finger on the map to scroll in that direction. Pinch your fingers to
"zoom out" to see a larger portion of the map. Unpinch your fingers (i.e., place
them together on the map and spread them apart) to zoom in.
1. Active Unit
2. Health Bar
3. Unit Action Buttons
4. Active Unit's Info Box
Activating Units
Tap a unit to Activate it. Tap it again to display its Action Buttons. (You can also
tap the Active Unit button on the right to move between units that still have
movement points.)
Moving a Unit
Place your finger on an active unit and drag the finger to the location you want to
move the unit to. Or tap on the unit, tap the "GoTo" Action Button, then tap on the
target space.

Multiple Units
1. Multiple Unit List
2. Build Army Button
When multiple units occupy the same space, the individual units are displayed
on the left edge of the screen. Tap on a unit to activate that unit.
If three units of the same type are in the same space, you can tap on the Build
Army Action Button to create an army.
Initiating Combat
1. Attacking Unit
2. Modified Strength
3. Defending Unit
4. Modified Strength
5. Advantage Report
6. Return Button
7. Commence Combat Button
To commence combat, drag the unit into the target unit's space and the Combat
Info screen will be displayed. Tap the "Commence Combat" button to begin
fighting; tap the Return Button to not fight.
Info and Utility Screens
System Button
This button leads to the following options:
- Save the Game
- Load a Saved Game
- Change Options
- Game Help
- Exit to Main Menu
Advisors Button
This button leads to the following choices:
- Diplomacy Screen
- View Cities Report
- Who's Winning
- Change Government
- Change Research (also, the Tech Info Screen)

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