Welcome to Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution for the iPhone! In this gameyou match wits with the great leaders of human history in a struggle of warfare,diplomacy, commerce and technology. If you fail your civilization will bedestroyed, your empire just a pathetic and sad footnote in the annals of history.But if you succeed your glory will live forever!
How to Win
There are a number of different paths to victory in CivRev. You can win throughmilitary conquest, of course, but you can also win by achieving financial, cultural,or technological dominance. Each victory type has a specific goal: a militaryvictory requires the capture of a specific number of enemy capitals, while afinancial goal requires a specific amount of wealth in your treasury, and so forth.The first civ to achieve any of the various victory conditions wins.See "Victory" on page 55 for more details.
The Turn Structure
CivRev is played in "turns," like Risk or Monopoly. During your turn you can move some, none, or all of your military units. You can attack enemy units, and you can conduct diplomacy with one or more of the other leaders in the game. You can construct cities, and you can manage the cities you've already constructed. You are the only one who can move during your turn, and you can take as long as you wish to make your move. Once you've completed your turn, each of the other civilizations will take its turn. You can't do anything while another civ is moving (except respond if that civ initiates diplomacy with you). Once each civ has completed their move, it's your turn again. Play continues this way until one civ achieves victory.
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