After you've downloaded the application from the iStore, tap on the CivRev icon in your applications list. The game will begin automatically.
How to Learn to Play
We recommend that you play through your first games in tutorial mode. In this mode the program offers you loads of tips and hints to help you get started. Once you have a better grasp on how to play you can then exit the tutorial and tackle a
harder difficulty level. To enter the tutorial, select "Start a New Game" from the main menu and then choose "Random Map." Finally, choose "Chieftain" as your difficulty. This will put you into "Tutorial" mode.
1. Menu Selection
2. Scroll Down Arrow
3. Back
This is a typical CivRev iPhone menu. It displays five choices. Tap on the entry you wish to choose. The "Scroll Down Arrow" means that there are more entries available; slide the menu up to see the additional choices Press the red arrow button to return to the previous screen without making a menu choice.
The Main Menu
This is visible only if you've already begun a game. Press it to continue the game where you left off.
Start a New Game
Press this to start a new game.
Load a Saved Game
Press this to load and continue playing a game in progress.
Tap this to go to the Game Options screen, where you can adjust the volume of the music and sound effects.
Tap this to see who created this game.
Start New Game Menu
The "Start New Game" menu provides the following options:
Random Map
This begins a standard game of CivRev. It takes you to the "Choose a Difficulty" screen (see below).
Play Scenario
See "Scenarios" on page 55 for more information.
Game Help
This provides an overview of CivRev's gameplay and interface. You should check it out.
Choose a Difficulty Screen
The game difficulty determines the craftiness and aggressiveness of the opposing civilizations. "Chieftain" is the easiest level, while "Deity" is insanely difficult.
The Tutorial
"Chieftain" difficulty also puts the game into "Tutorial Mode," meaning that the program will offer you hints and tips and generally help you get started.
Select Civilization Screen
This screen lets you pick a civilization and leader to play. Each civilization has its own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses; each civ also gets certain "Era Bonuses" (see below). Tip the iPhone to the left or right to flip through the available leaders, or you can flick (slide) your finger to the left and right to scroll through the leaders.
Civ Era Bonuses
Tap on the image in the center of the screen to get more info about that civ. Tap on the Red Back Arrow to return to the leader's image.
Starting Play
Press the Green Check Button to choose the civ in the center of the screen. Once you have selected your civilization, the game begins!
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