The importance of technology in CivRev cannot be overstated. Get too far behind your neighbors and your civilization is almost certainly doomed. And of course technology provides one of the paths to ultimate victory as well - the first civ to successfully send a colonization ship to Alpha Centauri wins the game. Check out the Tech Chart for a complete list of techs and their various powers.
How to Generate Research
Each city produces "Trade" from surrounding ocean and desert regions. The city can use this trade to generate wealth, or it can use it to generate research (or "beakers"). See the section of the manual on "Cities" for more details. A city can increase its research by constructing libraries and universities. Certain wonders and great people will further increase the city's research output as well (but only as long as the city is focused on generating research rather than wealth).
Choosing a Technology to Research
When your civilization begins to generate research, your advisor will ask you to choose a technology to research. At first your choices are limited to fairly primitive technologies; however, each technology in turn "unlocks" more advanced techs, opening up paths for further research. Each technology requires a specific amount of research before it can be discovered. Once your cities have generated enough beakers, you'll learn the technology you're working on. Your advisors will then provide you with a list of
new techs to research, including any that have been unlocked by the tech you've just mastered.
Each tech has one or more "prerequisite techs" required before it can be learned. It is possible to research a new technology as soon as you have researched at least one of its prerequisite techs. Researching a tech before you know all of its prerequisite techs increases the new tech's research time, however.
First to Learn Bonuses
Certain techs provide special bonuses to the first civ who learns them. These bonuses range from free units to great people to production bonuses for all your cities. They can be extremely powerful and greatly reward the technologically advanced. See the end of this manual for details.
Changing Research
You can change your current research at any time without penalty: all beakers you've thus far accumulated remain with the tech. You can return to that tech at a later point and take up where you left off. To change research, touch the Advisor Button, then on Change Research.
The Tech Planner Screen
You can access this useful screen by pressing the Advisor Button, then on Change Research, followed by "Consult the Tech Planner" (which is always the last entry on the list, so you may have to scroll down to find it). On the Tech Planner screen.
the whole of the Tech Tree is displayed. Slide your finger to move along the Tech Tree, and tap on a Tech you want to know more about. When a tech is highlighted, the box on the bottom of the screen tells you what the
tech allows you to build. Arrows leading to and from the tech show you what techs
are required to get that tech, and what techs that tech unlocks.
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