The CivRev Main Screen is where you'll spend most of your time.
1. City
2. City Info Display
3. Warrior
4. Land
5. Sea
6. "Fog of War "
7. System Button
8. Advisors Screen
9. Center on Active Unit Button
10. Open Nearest City Screen Button
11. End Turn Button
Moving Around the Map
Drag your finger on the map to scroll in that direction. Pinch your fingers to zoom out and see a larger portion of the map. Unpinch your fingers (i.e., place them together on the map and spread them apart) to zoom in on the map.
System Button
This button leads to the following options:
? Diplomacy Screen
? View Cities Report
? Who's Winning
? Change Government
? Change Research (also, the Tech Info Screen)
Active Unit Button
Tap this to center the screen on the currently-active unit, and to move between available units. If no unit has any movement points left, this button has no effect.
Go to Nearest City Screen Button
Tap this to open the nearest active city. See "Cities" on page 29 for details
End Turn Button
This button only appears when you have no units left to be activated (see "Unit Activation" on page 23). Thus, if you want to end the turn, you must deactivate anypresently active units (or tell them to "Wait" or "Fortify).Press this button to end the turn.
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