Wonders represent the great monuments, events and cultural endeavors that make a civilization mighty.
Constructing Wonders
Wonders are constructed in cities, like buildings and military units. Like other buildings, wonders have tech requirements that must be met before you can construct them. Once you've met the tech requirements, the wonder will appear in your wonder list. To build a wonder, open the city screen and press the "Build Wonder" button. Then press on the wonder that you wish to construct.
Wonders are Unique
Unlike buildings, which can be constructed in each city on the planet if the owners so desire, wonders of the world are unique - only one of each wonder may be constructed in a game. Once a wonder has been constructed, no other city can build that wonder.
Effects of Wonders
Wonders have a variety of effects. Some increase a city's cultural output; some improve a civ's military; some generate loads of gold. Every wonder is different: see the end of this manual for details.
Cultural Output
In addition to their special effects, all wonders produce 3 culture points per turn.
The special effects of some wonders expire when any civilization discovers a certain technology. The wonders continue to produce 3 culture points per turn, however.
Wonders and Victory
Wonders count towards a cultural victory. See the section on Victory for details.
Wonder List
See the end of this manual for a complete list of CivRev wonders.
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