When the game begins, you'll see a screen that looks something like the above illustration. The unit in the center of the map is a "settler;" at present it's the only unit you have in the game. Settlers are able to create new cities.

You'll want to settle yours (convert it into a city) as quickly as possible. Settlers cannot defend themselves at all; they're totally helpless if attacked - and if that settler is destroyed, you lose.

Whenever a settler is "active," the spaces surrounding that settler display symbols showing the productivity of the land (or sea space), and thus its desirability as a place to settle. Hammers represent "production," which is used to create new units and buildings. Apples represent food-producing spaces, which allow your cities to grow and arrows represent trade, which can be put towards researching new technologies or turned into wealth. Tap the settler and then tap the "Build City" action button to build your city at the settler's present location. (This isusually a pretty good spot to do so.)

If you want to move your settler to another location, put your finger on the unit and slide your finger to the location where the settler is to move. Alternatively, you can tap the unit, tap the "Go To" action button, and then tap the map space where you want to unit to move to. After you create your first city, several game turns will pass in quick succession. Eventually your new "warrior" unit will emerge, and play can begin in earnest!
Unit Actions
Tap a unit to select it. Tap it again to bring up the unit's Action Buttons. Action Buttons represent
the various special actions available to a unit at that particular time. They might include "Fortify," "Heal," "Construct a City," "Form an Army," and so forth. The number and type of Actions available to a unit depend upon a variety of circumstances: the unit's type, where it's located, whether it is damaged or has moved this turn, and so forth. Thus a unit may display a very different set of Action Buttons from one turn to the next. Tap on an Action Button to use it. Tap on the unit again (or tap on another unit) to hide the Action Buttons.
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